Project History

Our selected project history and client list includes:

ExxonMobil / Imperial Oil Ltd.

Consulting services for the engineering and design development of Mechanical and Tailings Treatment Facilities for the Kearl Oil Sands Tailings Treatment (KFTT) Project, and the Syncrude Aurora Tailings Management (ATM) Project.


Various projects for analysis, troubleshooting and optimization of mechanical installations that are part of AltaLink power transmission facilities. 

Neptune Bulk Terminals

Various projects for analysis, troubleshooting and optimization of bulk material handling, mechanical, and environmental installations that are part of Neptune Bulk Terminals coal and potash handling facilities. 

Cona Resources

Material flow analysis, engineering and design of a 100t capacity silo for salt storage. Engineering and design of the silo isolation gate and discharge feeder.

DeltaSea - NRC / Technika Engineering Ltd.

Development of a new and proprietary technology for water surface cleanup applications. The technology is marketed under the name “DeltaSea”. For more info visit:

BHP - Escondida Mine

Engineering study for definition of alternative methods for copper ore tailings processing, disposal and reutilization at the Escondida mine facilities.


Thermal stress analysis for bitumen upgrading coker units and their concrete foundations. Definition of thermal energy distribution within the equipment concrete foundations. Definition of design mitigations to manage thermal stresses in concrete foundations. 

Technika Engineering Ltd.

Development of a new and proprietary Tailings Recovery System (TRS) technology for mine tailings reclaim operations applications. The TRS technology has been successfully implemented in large scale tailings management operations in the Canadian oil sands industry. 

HATCH / Suncor

Mechanical drive power calculations for Rotary Breakers to be used in the Ore Preparation Plant, Suncor Energy Fort Hills Project.

Detail design review of the Ore Preparation Plant for Suncor Energy Forth Hills Project.


Definition and evaluation of new oil sand mining and processing technologies aimed at reducing capital cost, operating cost and environmental impact of oil sands mining operations.

Various Clients

Mechanical calculations and drive power calculations for various material handling equipment including rotary breakers, apron feeders, belt conveyors.

Silo, surge bin and hoppers design, material flow analysis, stress evaluation, discharge feeder and isolation gate design. 

Design development of material storage and reclaim facilities.

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