DeltaSea technology has been developed by Technika Engineering Ltd. The technology is proprietary and Patent Pending Internationally.

Furthermore, the system can operate autonomously while being monitored and controlled from an on-shore control station.

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Marine Cleanup Technology

DeltaSea – Marine Debris Collection System is a new technology for collecting plastics and other marine debris from water surfaces. The technology can be customized for operation in coastal areas, river deltas, lakes, and open ocean environment.

DeltaSea can also be utilized for effective cleaning of oil or chemical spills.

DeltaSea comprises a unique arrangement of the Archimedes helicoid elements that form a very energy effective, self-buoyant and self-propelling system.

Due to its unique engagement with floating debris, DeltaSea is the only technology that can effectively clear highly polluted water surfaces that are covered by debris – without use of excessive energy and risk of clogging.

DeltaSea can be powered by solar and water wave energy, without use of combustion fuel energy sources.

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