Tailings Reclamation

Engineering and Technology Solutions to Mine Tailings Management

The mine tailings pond reclamation is our core business focus.

Our goal is to be a leader in providing engineering and technology solutions for effective management of mine tailings and tailings pond reclamation.

Our Tailings Recovery System (TRS) technology provides unmanned, remotely controlled, year round reclaim of mine tailings at a sustained density and recovery rate to match the process requirements. The TRS technology was successfully deployed in large scale oil sands tailings reclaim operations in 2018 and has been in continuous operations since then. The TRS technology addresses operating challenges and shortcomings of dredging and submersible pump operations.  The Tailings Recovery System (TRS) is a proven technology that can make significant contribution to mine tailings operations across the mining industry. 

In addition to TRS technology, we offer engineering and design services for the following components of the mine tailings management operations:
  • Mooring systems for floating components.
  • Tailings trasport facilities
  • Winter access installations 
  • Equipment launching and equipment relocation
  • Reclaim water pumping installations 

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